The data come from 397 articles published between January and April and covered by the Newsletter "La lettre de l'ACV", issues 3 to 11. The newsletter is brought to you by Ecostatis and you can find the last issue of the newsletter (#12) here. The keywords correspond to those that were provided by the authors of all articles.

Two data treatments were made: (i) the LCA and related keywords (life cycle assessment, lifecycle analysis, etc.) were removed since almost all articles use these keywords ; (ii) some keywords were merged when they mean the same concept but are spelled differently (e.g. ghg and greenhouse gases, buildings and building, etc.)

The size and the color of the bubbles are related to the number of occurence of the keyword. You can filter the keywords that are visible, depending on their occurences. This allows you exploring all the keywords or just select the main tendencies.

By clicking on a keyword, you can see all the kewords associated with it.

You can zoom in / out using the wheel of your mouse and you can pan the graph by left-clicking on the background and moving the mouse in the direction you want.

The visualisation graph is made by Ecostatis, using the D3 vizualisation librairies provided by Mike Bostock