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Come and join the trainings offered by Ecostatis or ask for a dedicated guidance.

Trainings in small groups

Ecostatis regularly organises trainings related to LCA for small groups of peaople. The trainings can last one or several days and cover different concepts, such as:
  • General LCA notions
  • Creation of life cycle inventories
  • Interpretation and visualisation of results
  • Advances tools and knowledge: consequential LCA, statistics, etc.
  • There are no trainings foresseen in the coming days. To receive all the information related to trainings, please send an email to
    Individual training

    Dedicated trainings

    Do you have specific needs? Ecostatis comes at your office to help you get the necessary knowledge. This kind of training allows you to benefit from a very efficient training and guidance since you define the objectives and expectations.

    Interested in getting new competences?

    Would you like to get new competences? Do you have specific needs? Please contact us for more information.