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Because you have different needs, Ecostatis offers you:

LCA - life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a methodology allowing assessing the environmental impacts of a product or a system on its whole lifecycle. LCA allows comparing your products, identifying the most impacting steps, checking the sustainability of a priori environmental-friendly solutions, etc. LCA is a complex method for which Ecostatis implements solutions using cutting-edge visualisation and statistics tools, allowing a clearer presentation of the results for an easier decision making...

FDES - fiches de d├ęclaration environnementales et sanitaires

FDES (fiches de d├ęclaration environnementales et sanitaires) are French only documents for the construction sector. They contain environmental indicators calculated on the whole life cycle as well as miscellanous health-related data. FDES allow communicating on environmental-friendly materials...

EPD - environmental product declarations

EPDs (environmental product declarations) are documents based on LCA, allowing an easy communication of the environmental performance of your products. EPDs are independently and transparently checked in order to allow the comparison between different products from the same category. They are a good way to promote your products to your clients and step ahead of your concurrents...

LCI - life cycle inventories

Life cycle inventories (LCIs) are at the core of three abovementionned methods. LCA uses and generates a large amount of data that can be presented and developed in different formats. Collection, documentation, accounting and formatting of this data is a time-consuming work and requires a strict methodology in order to ensure the compatibility and the transparency of the data generated.