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Entrusting Ecostatis for you LCAs allows:

Comparing different products on their whole lifecycle

LCA allows comparing different products among each others or measure the environmental performance of your product compared with other solutions. LCA, by assessing the impacts on the entire life cycle, allows comparing your products on a robust basis, from raw material extraction to end of life.

Identifying potential improvements

Since it considers the whole life cycle of a product, LCA allows highlighting the most impacting processes and materials. Thus you can quickly identify the best potential improvements for the environmental performance of your product.

Using a recognized, reliable and transparent method

LCA is used and recognized by numerous companies, governmental entities and NGOs. Ecostatis conducts fo you LCAs that are compliant with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards.

Highlighting and communicating your environmental performance

LCA allows communicating your results in a visual and public-friendly manner. It can also be used to highlight you commitment for a more sustainable development, especially with your clients who feel concerned with environmental issues.

Assessing all impacts

Because human activities have various consequences on the environment, LCA asseses numerous impact categories: contribution to climate change, fossil fuel consumption, air pollution, land use, water pollution, etc. LCA can ensure that an apparent improvement of your product do not trigger unexpected consequences on the environment.

Interested in lCA?

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