ECOSTATIS - LCA Engineering consulting company - Lyon & Rhone AlpesECOSTATIS - Life Cycle Assessment Engineering consulting company - Lyon & Rhone Alpes

The company


Ecostatis is a company based in Lyon specialised in life cycle assessment as well as the methods and standards related to it. In particular, Ecostatis aims at implementing cutting-edge visualization and statistics tools in order to provide its clients complex methods bringing simple, transparent and reliable solutions.


Ecostatis conducts life cycle assessments, from the simplest to the most complex system. Moreover, Ecostatis also conducts for you EPDs (environmental product delarations) and LCIs (life cycle inventories) in different formats. Besides, Ecostatis guides you in you ecodesign programs and proposes trainings adapted to different publics. Finally, Ecostatis brings you its expertise to solve your research and development questions.


Wether you are a large company, a public institution, an association or a SME, Ecostatis provides you with solutions tailored to your needs. Because your expectations differ, Ecostatis developed various solutions answering your needs.


Ecostatis is a company founded by Florent Querini in 2015. After having worked in industry (Renault), research (Pprime Institute CNRS-Poitiers University-Mechanics and aerotechnics national school, Public Researche Centre Henri Tudor-Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) and consulting (Cycleco), Ecostatis comes from the will to take the best of each of these three activity sectors in order to provide concrete answers to the environmental issues of our society.